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Character sheet from Demonsul

The Warrior of Shadow, Black Emperor of Bronimina, and generally good swordsman. Not much is known about Demonsul other than his tendancy to use both sword and shadow magic in combat. In fact, that's often the last thing some people learn. His wielding of shadow powers is often underjudged, especially his explosive black fireballs. He also recently took to carrying a shotgun, just for the heck of it.
Last of the religious order of the orb, he posesses a sword with the power to control distant objects in space, as well as a tough crossbow. He wears full armor and fights for light whenever possible.
CM 2.0
Cyborg Mario V2.0. A vast improvement on the old model, CM2 has a powerful AI which allows him to plan complex strategies. He carries out certain functions for the Broniminan Empire, such as running outer countries and occasionally the entire Empire when Demonsul can't. He is also known to have a machine gun in his arm, but he never uses it. He has a general negative attitude to violence.
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