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Character sheet from Crystal King

Crystal King
King of the Crystals.
The High Preist.
She's a bunnygirl, that has long blue hair, that reaches down to her lower back. She's also tall, but not abnormally tall. She usually wears a Navy Blue dress, sleeveless, that is cut in half, from the middle, so her stomach is showing, but everything is still covered. Her dress is rather small, though, and it just barely covers her up. She doesn't like wearing a lot of clothing. She thinks it weighs her down, since one of her traits is that she can run fast. She likes guns. About half of her home is dedicated to her 'armory'. Speaking of armory, She's the owner of a chain of weapons stores called 'The Armory'. The only true reason she wears clothes, however, is to carry her guns. She never leaves home without taking one with her, because she knows a fight is always around the corner, and when the gun doesn't work, she'll do some awesome parkour (wall jumping, ect.) to get around her foes. She likes to mess around with people, whether it'd be showing off her abilities, or sexually. She's even dropped a little acid on her dress once just to find an excuse to remove it.
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