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His pants pockets reach an alternate dimension where he stores all his crap, like ammo for his bazooka, the bazooka itself, food, a toy mallet, and sometimes he even sleeps there. He's super powerful, and when he's in mortal danger, a pink shield comes up to protect him - think Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. He'll keep to himself a lot, and is usually the one behind any random unnatural occurance, like the meteor shower in the first Endless Fanfic thread, but he's not exactly evil. Just bored. He has the ability to slightly manipulate physics, for example to create wind to help him glide, or move stone to his bidding, or give the moon the ability to be lit on fire with no oxygen to sustain said fire. About 5'10
A catgirl, the same age as Giga, and his girlfriend. She's a fire mage, and can do any number of things with fire, including setting whole planets on fire at once, or absorbing fire to heal herself. She's so faithful to Giga that even if her life was saved by someone else, even if the world broke in two, and even if she would lose her own life if she stayed with Giga, she'd stay with him. The same goes for Giga about Corona. Corona is quite playful, and knows how to use just about every type of machinery in existance. Quite the genius herself. Being a mage, she's also quite protective of herself, and knows how to avert mind control - controlling the mind of the one trying to control her. It takes a while for her to cast that spell, though.
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