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    Draw that picture game!


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    Draw that picture game! Empty Draw that picture game!

    Post  Palace on Sun Apr 19, 2009 2:11 pm

    It's actually, a game, where you draw a picture. Yes. You can do that can you? Well, that's too bad. Come back later. Don't touch that. (Sorry, I fell on a bunch of funny Portal videos on youtube)

    Anyway. You probably have played a game like that before. You must continue the drawing. But I'm going to push it a little bit farther.
    In every drawing, there will be a target. Only one target. Your goal is to do this:

    1: Clean the target from any danger, if it is in danger.
    2: Attack the target if it is defended.
    3: Kill the target if no one seems to be able to protect it.
    4: Do something random appart from all this.

    You can do anything to defend the target. You can do anything to attack the target, but you cannot kill it in one turn if it remains protected.
    It is forbidden to erase anything (except for cases of overlapping)
    Try being original.

    Can someone come with a starter? I can't right now.

    Check Palace's RP and the music contest round 3! Check this as well.
    2 + 2 = GSHHHSZCRASHZZZSSS 10... In base 4 I am right!

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