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    The Chronicles of Ergo

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    The Chronicles of Ergo Empty The Chronicles of Ergo

    Post  Charley Deallus on Fri Apr 10, 2009 10:05 pm

    [[Pardon some of the spacing. When I transferred this from my Word file, it seems to have messed up some things. Hoping it is not so bad that reading it discouraged.]]

    *The Creation of Ergo*

    In the beginning, there were the five gods of Ergo.

    Drago was the god of creation. He could create life in almost any form that he desired and loved everything about it. The group of people that worshiped him were called Dragoists, or druids. They loved nature and live and did as much as they could to learn to learn and grow with it.

    Dargas was the god of wisdom. He searched always for more ways to increase it and also bestowed some of his own upon those he felt worthy of it. His followers were the Dargists or philosophers. They were also renowned for being the source of many great wizards of the time.

    Druma was the god of balance. He worked to make sure that no group of people completely dominated another unless the same act eventually came back to get the dominating group. Karma was his rule and everyone was affected by his gaze. Everyone kept note of his teachings, and several secret societies, or Drumists, were established to keep balance in the world.

    Mantos was the god of death. He sent out his underlings to gather the souls of those that were to die and brought them into his great halls in the heavens. His home was one that was far larger than any of the other gods, and it showed with radiance and majesty. No group followed him, but all knew of his presence and respected it. No kingdom dared slander his name or they would be weighted by a Doom that had no cure.

    Edane was the fifth and final god. He was the god of power and made sure it was well known throughout the world of Ergo. Any warlike kingdom worshiped him in order to be bestowed with greater strength in order to defeat enemies. Sacrifices were common in his name, but many saw him as an evil god of war. The other gods did not trust him well for he spun many webs of lies amongst the people in order to gain the favor of all. Most peoples did not openly speak against him or face death at the hands of his followers. The Edanate were the followers of Edane. A group that believed themselves pure of heart and mind, they tend to wear white clothing or armor all the time to portray this to others.

    The world of Ergo was created in a short time and many peoples were brought from the old world of Arga. The old world was destroyed by the sixth god of war, but was destroyed by a group of heroes. In his final moments of life, the evil god destroyed the world along with himself.

    Terrified, Drago rescued as many people as he could and brought them to Ergo as early as 100 years before the destruction of Arga. The final people he managed to save were great warriors and kings that had helped save the world, but their memories were lost in the mayhem. Humans, elves, dwarves, and other peaceful races were brought to Ergo by Drago. He let them settle in the numerous lands as they saw fit and then the other gods revealed themselves. The people worshiped the god they seemed aligned to and the gods were adored. Many gifts of knowledge or material items were given to the people in return for their continued following of a god. Kingdoms were established and grew in power and knowledge.

    ***The Defiling of Ergo***

    Edane was the most jealous of the gods and wished that everyone worshipped him over the others. He spread lies among the people that would turn them against the other gods and more towards him. He gave gifts of weapons and armors to many of the great lords. Dark elemental weapons of fire, energy, earth, water, and air were given to them in return for their allegiance. Fearful that Edane might corrupt the people of Ergo, Drago and the other gods created weapons of light that would be able to defeat the other weapons. Pure elemental weapons of fire, energy, earth, water, air, and life were given to any lords or warriors that wished to protect their lands from evil. Many temples were founded to house these weapons and legendary warriors.

    Edane, seeing the attempts of the other gods to thwart his plans, brought races such as orcs, trolls, and he spawned demons of many shapes and sizes to do his bidding. He blended humans and elves with wild animals until they were perverted and vile beyond imagination. He scattered them throughout the land to strike terror into the hearts of those who did not fear him already. Kingdoms created walls around all of their cities to shut out the creatures that lurked in the darkness for fear of the death that was brought upon them.

    When Drago and Druma cornered Edane about what he had done, he simply stated
    "This world is too boring with only peace. I felt that it was my duty to let them work towards their own peace." Drago and Druma planned on apprehending Edane, but he escaped quickly and hid from their sight. The two gods watched from the heavens to capture Edane wherever he appeared, but that day was far from coming.


    ~~~The Man With No Past~~~

    A man appeared at the top of a hill, seemingly disoriented and lost. He was a tall man with black hair and hazel eyes, but he wore nothing except a black cloak. He stumbled several more steps before falling onto the ground roughly. Another man rushed over quickly and turned the fallen person over.
    "Hello? Who are you? Hello?!" said the man. "Seamus! Hurry up and help me with him. He is starving and freezing here!" shouted the man to his friend.
    "I am coming John! I did not see what you were running for!" said Seamus, the companion of John. The two men picked up the unconscious person and then carried him off.

    *Two Days Later*

    "Hello? Are you awake?" said a voice. The unknown man opened his eyes and looked around. "Wha-where am I?" he said as he sat up and rubbed his eyes.
    "You are in the Carstil Tavern in the village of Chartes. We are in the lands of the Kingdom of Warson in the northwestern lands. Seamus and I found you collapsed up in the northern wastes while exploring. Who are you?" said John. The man looked at both Seamus and then John.
    "I...I don't remember my name." he said sadly. "I just woke up suddenly in the middle of a frozen wasteland and had no idea where I came from. I had been wandering for only a day or two before you found me...I think." said the man.
    "Well...we cannot go calling you about Martin?" suggested John.
    "Martin...Martin...? Martin sounds fine. It is better than not having a name." he said with a slight smile.
    "My name is John Berkeley, this is my close friend Seamus Connelly." said John as he motioned to Seamus.

    Martin looked at the two men around him. John was a tall man in his early thirties with jet black hair and hazel eyes. He carried a sword at his side in a strange sheath. Martin could not see the sword, but hoped he could look at it later. He sat up on the bet and looked at Seamus. Seamus Connelly was a young man in his mid twenties with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He did not have a weapon with him that Martin saw, but something told him he used a bow. He had nothing to prove it except he saw the calluses on Seamus' hands.
    "It is nice to meet you both. I am Martin...Martin Dalles." said Martin.
    "Dalles? Did you remember your name?" asked John, who was surprised.
    " means 'forgotten' does it not?" said Martin.
    "It does actually" said John in a quiet voice, as if thinking to himself. "I am guessing you are from an area not far away if you know the language. Rest some more and I will check on you tomorrow." he said. Martin closed his eyes and leaned back into the soft bed, unsure of the dreams that would follow.

    The next day John woke up to find Martin already awake.
    "How did you sleep?" he asked casually.
    "Very well. A nice dreamless sleep was just what I needed. I feel much better." replied Martin.
    "Seamus and I plan on travelling to the capital of Warson. Do you wish to come along?" asked John.
    "I am very interested in this world. I hope to learn of my true identity soon enough." said Martin as he stood up.
    "I will need to find you a weapon first. The world is not as safe as it used to be. Followers of Edane, the god of power, are dangerous to us. Seamus and I are followers of Druma, the god of balance. If you wish to follow him also, we will take you with us." said John as he packed up his belongings.
    "We are meeting some people in Verdas, the capital."
    Seamus walked into the room with a maple bow across his back as well as a quiver of arrows neatly arranged. "We should leave soon before anyone spots us. Being followers of Druma is dangerous when the Edanate are out hunting down those that could threaten their god's power." he said quietly into John's ear.
    "Indeed. We will leave in a moment, but first we need to get Martin a decent weapon." replied John as he lifted his pack onto his shoulders. "Come Martin, we will go to the blacksmith for some weapon. We will get you a fine one in Verdas."
    The three men walked out of the Carstil Tavern and were at the blacksmith's within a few minutes. John walked in with Martin while Seamus stayed outside.
    "Kind blacksmith, would you recommend a weapon for my friend here? He has never wielded any in his life, but these are trying times and any kind of protection is worthy of the price." said John as the blacksmith looked at him curiously.
    "I have several iron weapons of fine quality here. Have a look at my wares and tell me which you would prefer." said the blacksmith in a jolly tone. John looked back and forth at several short swords of decent quality, but he was hoping for something better. He picked up an iron armor of chainmail and observed it carefully.
    "This is a good armor of chainmail for my friend here. Now, for a weapon..." said John aloud. The blacksmith smiled and waited for a weapon to be chosen.
    John continued looking at swords until he saw a single long sword of iron.
    "Martin, see how well you handle this sword here." said John as he handed it to Martin. The younger man took the sword in his hands and seemed to hold it fairly well. "I guess this will do. Blacksmith! The chainmail armor and fine sword of iron for my friend." said John as he moved to pay for the items. "Martin, go dress yourself in that armor and put the sword in a sheath at your side. I will take care of paying for this."
    Martin walked outside after putting on his chainmail armor underneath his clothing and with his sword at his side. Seamus immediately handed him a long black cloak with a hood. He was also wearing one with his head hidden.
    "Quickly, cover yourself and hide your face. We must hide ourselves from those that wish to kill us. We will leave immediately. John knows what he is doing." whispered Seamus as Martin put on the cloak. The two men then quickly began walking out of the village.
    They had walked for a short mile when a man stepped out of the trees near them. He was wearing a white cloak that blended into the white snow, but Seamus saw that he had a sword at his side.
    "Halt in the name of Edane." the man shouted. "Reveal your faces to me before I allow you to pass." Seamus began reaching for his hood when he suddenly revealed his bow. "Stay thy hand or die!" shouted the man as he drew his sword and ran at Seamus and Martin. Seamus notched an arrow and fired it swiftly, striking the man in the shoulder. Martin drew his sword and stood between Seamus and the Edanite.
    "Your deaths shall be assured!" the man said as he slashed at Martin with his uninjured arm. Martin blocked the attack and quickly threw the man off balance. He followed with a quick thrust at the man's chest, plunging the sword through the hard sternum with a cracking sound. Martin continued pushing on the sword until blood poured out and the resistance against the sword ceased. He pulled it out quickly and watched as the man fell forward, staining the snow red.
    "Quickly, grab his sword and then cover him in the snow." said Seamus as he hid his bow again. Martin wiped his sword off and sheathed it quickly. He grabbed the sword of the Edanite and attached it to his belt before pushing snow over the body. "We must flee away from here before someone realizes he is missing." said Seamus as he led the way towards Verdas again.
    Charley Deallus
    Charley Deallus

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    The Chronicles of Ergo Empty Re: The Chronicles of Ergo

    Post  Charley Deallus on Fri Apr 10, 2009 10:06 pm

    ~~~The Drumist Hunt~~~

    Seamus and Martin moved as quickly as they could towards Verdas, but the journey would take them almost four days to make it there. The two also felt that they were being followed, which made them take very few breaks. Seamus eventually did realize that they needed to rest or they would never make it. "Martin, stop quickly and hide yourself in the forest. We will rest here for the night, but we must not make a fire." said Seamus quietly as he moved off of the road as well. The two hid themselves among the trees as best as they could, but sleep seemed impossible.
    Martin did eventually fall into an uneasy sleep, but several hours later noise caused him to awaken. Four men on horseback trotted past slowly, looking around as carefully as they wanted to.
    "Darlas, why do we have to search around these lands? I wish to stay out of this cold." complained one to the lead man.
    "Silence Trent you slime. Haldrim ordered us to search for the Drumists and we will search. Otherwise your head would be on a platter for him." snarled the leader. They continued on their way silently and Martin felt that he held his breath until they were out of sight. Seamus breathed a sigh of relief, but kept his guard up. He knew that trouble awaited them in Verdas.
    The companions woke up the next day and continued on their journey. Martin eventually did remember that he stole a sword from the man he killed, and unsheathed it. He saw a fine broadsword of steel that was of a simple design, but effective for combat.
    "That is a fine sword that you got from him Martin. It is far better than that iron one that you have there. Keep the old sword and sell it to someone who may have use for it." said Seamus as he looked at the sword. "Alright let's keep going."
    The two travelled for several more hours before resting. They were sitting in the open on the plains because they had finally passed the Dralor Forest which the first forest between Chartes and Verdas. Seamus estimated that they were about halfway to their destination, but they needed to keep hurrying. He hurried Martin up as much as he could until he saw two horses coming for them.
    "Martin, do not draw your sword yet. Let us see who they are." said Seamus as he watched the two horses approach. Both of the riders drew swords, revealing their intentions.
    “Draw your sword now!" shouted Seamus as he notched an arrow. He let the arrow go as the riders approached, striking the lead man in the chest directly. The rider clutched at himself where the arrow struck him and then fell off the horse.

    Martin prepared himself as the horseman raced towards him, but then remembered his iron sword. He drew it out quickly and then threw it at the horseman as he dove out of the way. The iron sword hit the rider hilt first, but it still knocked the man off balance. He dismounted and then prepared to rush at Martin when an arrow struck him in the stomach. Martin heard the moans of pain from the man before approaching. He lifted up his sword and brought it down upon the man's neck, severing it instantly. He wiped his sword off and scavenged the weapon from the dead man. He did not have time to look at it because he was busy chasing the man's horse.
    Seamus managed to grab the first horse and calm it down after its owner had been killed. Martin jumped onto the back of the second horse and was carried off several yards before it calmed down as well.
    "Martin! We may reach Verdas by late tonight if we hurry! Come!" shouted Seamus as he began to ride off. Martin raced after him with his horse as best as he could.

    They raced along with the horses for a number of hours until twilight began approaching quickly. Seamus moved next to Martin and motioned for him to slow down.
    "We will enter the city tomorrow morning. I wish for us to be rested and also with our minds sharp. We will rest in the forest a few hours from Verdas." said Seamus as he dismounted.
    "Alright..." replied Martin as he prepared to sleep.

    Seamus woke up just before dawn and looked around. Something felt different about this day compared to the previous nights. It seemed like the tense atmosphere he was sensing was now gone. He walked over to where Martin was sleeping and gently shook him awake.
    "It is time to get up and enter Verdas. Remove your cloak and keep your swords sheathed." said Seamus, remembering that Martin had three swords on him. "We can sell some of those for money."
    Martin rose to his feet and rubbed his sore back. The hard ground was nowhere near comfortable in his opinion. He removed his cloak and put it in a pack he was given, along with two of his swords. The sword he had gotten the day before was a simple steel long sword, but it was not as good as the one he got before. The two men then approached the defensive walls of Verdas. Two men wearing leather armor and carrying swords stood by the tall doors, and then they helped open them up for Seamus and Martin. The two walked into the city and began looking for the blacksmith. They walked down the street for several minutes before Martin spotted a sign outside of it. They walked inside and showed the swords to the blacksmith.
    "Hello there, would you be willing to buy two fine swords?" said Seamus as removed them from Martin's pack.
    "These are some fine swords you have here. I am more interested in the steel one because they are rare in these parts. The iron one I will buy for ten gold coins and the steel one for twenty." said the blacksmith as he looked at them.
    Seamus thought for a moment and then nodded his head. "Agreed! Thank you for this fair price. I would like to know where my friend and I may purchase some furs for this cold weather." said Seamus curiously.
    "Ah, you may try next door. Beron is the man you want to talk to. He trades in animal furs and clothing he has made from them. Worth the price I say." said the blacksmith.
    "Thank you very much kind sir." said Seamus as he walked out of the blacksmith's shop.
    Martin and Seamus walked next door to a small home with a sign on the outside. The sign had a picture of a stretched animal fur which told Seamus that this was the right place. He walked inside and greeted the owner who was standing in the corner working on some furs. "Greetings Beron, the blacksmith next door told us of your fine furs here so I have come to purchase some hopefully." said Seamus cheerfully as he looked around.
    "Ah, I see that Merdok is giving me more attention here. I will thank him for this. Please, look around and tell me what you are interested in." replied Beron as he worked on sewing some fur together.
    "I am looking for some warm furs to protect my friend and I from the cold winds. I was wondering which fur is the best for this?" said Seamus as he continued looking around. Martin stayed near the door because Seamus was handling the business.
    "Well, I have some white wolves’ fur which is very effective." said Beron as he stood up and showed Seamus some. "It is soft, comfortable, and keeps you from getting wet." said Beron as he gathered several items of clothing. "It can also be useful for drawing less attention from...those that you don't want to find you." he said in a slightly lower tone of voice.
    Seamus heard those words and understood that he was a man that could be trusted. "I see that you are willing to help many people. Beron, what group do you follow?" asked Seamus.
    "I am a Dragoist but I am part of the Drumists." he replied carefully.
    "Do you know where the meeting place is?" asked Seamus. "I am here on business. My friend here is hopefully joining and we will then move out on our mission."
    Beron looked at the door and then whispered to Seamus. "The grand temple of Drago has a secret room in the basement. That is where the group is meeting tonight." Seamus listened carefully and made sure he remembered the words.
    "Thank you Beron. We will pay you for this clothing and then wait until the meeting." said Seamus as he pulled out his pouch of gold.
    "I will let you have these items for half the price since we are allies." replied Beron. "I hope you know that Merdok is an Edanite, but a less enthusiastic one."
    Seamus nodded and then paid for the items. He handed Martin his clothing and then placed his own into his pack. Martin did the same and then followed Seamus out the door. The two men saw the large Dragoist temple down the street more and made a mental note of it.
    "Martin, we will be staying at the inn here until John arrives. He said he would meet us there sometime today if he could." said Seamus as he led Martin towards a taller building. Seamus opened the door of the building and walked inside. Martin followed after him and was pleased to know that there was a large fire warming up the inside. Seamus walked up to the bar and sat down at a seat. "I wish to rent three rooms here for a night." he said as Martin sat next to him.
    "That will be fifteen gold pieces for all three." replied the bartender as he revealed three keys. Seamus handed him fifteen gold coins and was handed the keys. He left his seat and walked for the stairs in the corner with Martin following him still. He walked to the end of a hallway and found that he got the three rooms at the end of the inn.
    "You get the room on the left, I will get the end room, and John will have the room on the right when he shows up. Get some rest until tonight." said Seamus as he handed Martin his key. The two men walked into their own rooms and closed the doors before locking them.
    Seamus looked at his room and was glad to know that it had a comfortable looking bed, two chairs, and a chest for clothes or belongings.
    "I guess this will do." he said to himself as he reclined on the bed. He looked at the ceiling and wondered where his friend was.


    John Berkeley walked in the gates of Verdas several hours later and quickly moved to the inn. He walked inside and sat down at the bar.
    "Bartender, I wish to know if two men arrived here earlier today." said John.
    "Sir, many men arrive here and you expect me to remember?" the bartender replied honestly.
    "They will have gotten three rooms for only two men." said John.
    "Ah...well...yes I remember two younger men requesting three rooms, but I did not notice who would get the third room. They got the three rooms at the corner of the inn." said the bartender.
    "Thank you that will be all." said John as he walked upstairs with the bartender looking curiously at him, but shrugging it off when someone requested a drink. John knocked on the end door of the hall and Seamus opened it slightly.
    "John! It is about time you arrived." he said in surprise. "I was hoping that you were not captured or killed." continued Seamus.
    "I was delayed slightly and I can tell you the story later. The meeting is in an hour but I do not know where it is at this time. They change the locations often." said John in a discouraged tone.

    Seamus pulled him into his room and locked the door. "I found that it is in the basement of the Dragoist temple in the city. Martin and I were planning on waiting for you until going there." whispered Seamus.
    "Ah, the Edanate would not dare attack a temple or else the Dragoists would become their enemies as well. Most of the other groups wish to remain neutral in this conflict because they do not want a war." said John almost completely to himself.
    "John, where will we be going after this meeting?" Seamus asked.
    "I am not exactly sure, but we may have to travel to the Kingdom of Drambes or Yarles. They are openly supportive of the Drumists and have temples down there that may get us a mission against the Edanate. Up here, Drumists have to be more secretive since Edane has his followers taking over everything. The Dragoists do not like it, but they do not want to fight." whispered John as Seamus sat on his bed and listened.
    "Strange times we are in. What kingdoms are openly supportive of Edane?" asked Seamus. The Rembrach Empire and surrounding kingdoms are basically all under his grasp. Others have not openly declared it, but are leaning towards his support. The southern continents are still wrestling with his supposed peaceful intentions so they are safer for us. Get Martin...we are leaving for the temple." said John as he stood up and looked out the
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    Charley Deallus

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    Post  Charley Deallus on Fri Apr 10, 2009 10:06 pm

    ~~~Crossing The Line~~~

    Seamus walked out of the room and knocked on Martin's door twice. When it was answered, Seamus silently motioned him to follow. Martin followed Seamus back to the other room and was surprised to see John there.
    "John! You made it here alright!" almost shouted Martin until John motioned for him to be quiet.
    "I will tell that story another day. We are going to the Dragoist temple for a meeting. Gather your things but keep your weapons hidden. A Dragoist temple is not the place to show weapons.
    The three men gathered all of their belongings and then left the inn silently. They walked down the street and stopped at the large doors of the beautiful temple. The entire building was made of white stone and designed so that it looked like nature had overtaken it. Stone vines and plant life coated the outside in a beautiful display of the nature loving Dragoist fashion. Upon the top of the tall temple was the representation of Drago himself, a stag with a flower in its mouth. John looked upon the building for a moment before knocking at the door. A single elderly man stood before them wearing robes that were almost white if it was not for a slight tinge of green in them.
    "Greetings kind sir, may we enter this shelter of Drago for a short time?" asked John in a very humble tone.
    "Certainly young one, the dwelling of Drago is for all of those with peaceful hearts and minds." replied the priest of Drago as he opened the door.
    John, Seamus, and Martin walked into the temple slowly, hearing beautiful choral music that seemed to come from the high ceiling. The group slowly walked up towards the front of the temple while the music and singing continued to echo praises of Drago and nature. John walked into a back room with his two companions following. It turned out to be a private room for worship. John and the others knelt down and looked as if they were praying. A single priest walked in and knelt down next to John for a moment.
    "Friend, do you wish to go to a more secluded place for worship?" he asked with a whisper.
    "Yes, my friends and I wish to pray in such a place." replied John automatically. The priest stood up and motioned with his hands for them to follow. John stood up and tapped his friends on the shoulder to come with him.
    The priest walked them to a quiet part of the temple and then stopped near a statue of Drago in human form. He placed his hands upon the arms of the statue and it instantly opened up a wall next to it. The priest waved the three men in before closing it behind them. John led his two friends down a stone corridor before going down some steps and entering a basement room. There were about nine men there already.
    "Nice to see some more people arrive. We do not expect our numbers to be great since the Edanate are forcing us into hiding in this realm. My name is Roland Haldax, the head of the Drumists in this kingdom. This will be one of the last meetings we will have here before we move southward. Edane's power grows stronger daily and our lives are all in danger." said a short but strong looking man. He had a short brown beard and wore a cap that hid most of his hair.
    The other men in the room introduced themselves to the trio until the last man spoke.
    "My name is Alistair Cidan, a man with no past but willing to fight for Druma. You may call me Cidan but I have no real name other than that given to me by others." spoke a man who sat in the corner of the room. He had blonde hair with green eyes and looked of almost noble lineage due to his look.
    "No past?" asked Martin curiously. "I also have no past." Alistair looked at Martin curiously for a moment.
    "Did you also wake up without knowing who you were or where you were from?" asked Alistair firmly.
    "Yes...I woke up in the northern wastelands starving and almost frozen to death until John and Seamus here saved me." said Martin back firmly.
    "Interesting...maybe there is some connection." replied Alistair.
    "Well, we need to finish up this meeting quickly. Our time is short and Edane's spies are everywhere." said Roland in a slightly nervous tone. "John Berkeley, I want you to head south to the capital city of Krans in the kingdom of Yarles. There is a strong Edanate presence, but I need you to assassinate Lord Draven. He is a powerful man who controls several areas around Yarles, and he is threatening the king to follow his orders. If we killed him, the king may reestablish his power and cast out the followers of Edane. You others I already gave your missions. Alistair, you will go with John's group. I know of your skills and they would be very useful. John, this man is a very deadly fighter and will help you greatly." said Roland as he paced back and forth.


    Two columns of men clad in armor approached the doors of the Dragoist temple. They bore the emblem of Edane upon their arms, the white blade clutched in a fist of strength. There were ten men in each column as they quickly stopped at the doors of the building. The four lead men rushed at the door and smashed it open quickly.
    "Search out the Drumists and kill any that stop you!" the leader shouted as the soldiers rushed inside. A man wearing a grey cloak seemed to appear out of the shadows and stood next to the captain.
    "I am positive that they are in there. I saw two known Drumists enter inside about fifteen minutes ago. The Dragoists are sheltering them but no longer." he spoke softly. The captain glanced over at him before lighting a pipe.
    "They will not escape. I sent in nineteen men and I have some men walking around the outside to make sure none escape without us knowing." he replied as he puffed away at his pipe. "We will get them."

    The columns of leather armored soldiers filed into the temple quickly, ignoring the protests of the priests. Finally, one of them stood in front of the column and held out his hand.
    "Halt in the name of Drago!" he shouted before the first soldier slashed his chest open. The priest screamed as he fell to the ground in a bloody mess and was trampled on by the soldiers moving forward. The eldest priest then stood in front of the column like the previous one, but this time he was chanting something to himself. He did a series of symbols with his hands and then knelt down. He placed the palms of his hands upon the ground and a flash of light erupted from the floor. Instantly, a large bear and wolf appeared and stood before the priest.
    "Remove them from this temple however you see fit!" he ordered them and the two large animals charged at the soldiers.
    The columns scattered around the temple as more priests began summoning animals themselves. One priest stood before a group of soldiers and did something similar to the second priest, but he placed his hands upon himself and he turned into an animal-like creature. He bared his claws and charged into the soldiers with an enraged roar.


    "C-captain!" shouted a soldier as he left the entrance of the temple. "The priests are fighting back with incredible abilities!" he continued to shout. The captain sighed and looked at him for a moment.
    “Alright is coming." he muttered as he raised his fist into the air. Instantly, twenty more soldiers appeared and charged into the temple with swords ready.


    Soldiers were fighting animals all over the temple and were hard pressed until the reinforcements arrived. Then they took the offensive again and soon began fending off the animal attacks. The bodies of a number of priests littered the floor along with the bodies of soldiers. The animals, when killed, merely disappeared and many were summoned again until the priests grew exhausted and collapsed. Bears, wolves, hounds, and fierce birds flew around in total chaos, attacking any enemy of Drago.


    Drago looked down from his realm upon a temple of his being attacked. He turned to Dargas and Druma.
    "This is your fault Druma. If your followers were not hiding in my temple, then my priests would not be getting killed." he growled angrily.
    "Drago, open your eyes. The attack upon your priests was ordered. They are good people and chose to defend my followers who are being persecuted. Edane has gone too far. He has begun attacking and killing peoples in great numbers. We need to unite to combat him!" replied Druma with all of his wisdom.
    "Druma is right." said Dargas. "He might as well openly declare war upon us. I think we need to call upon Mantos and his followers to join us against him. He has chosen to remain neutral in this, but his power is great." continued Dargas as he watched the battle from alongside the other gods.
    "You may not openly involve yourselves in these wars. While they are your followers, you may only involve yourselves indirectly and through your wisdoms." said a voice that they soon recognized. Before them stood Aldros, the creator of the gods and their king.
    The other gods bowed and then continued to watch from above. "Indirectly you say? While Edane hides down there and showers his followers with power and weapons of strength and death?" said Dargas angrily.
    "You may support those you wish, but I will not have you go down there yourselves and kill those that you wish. That is a rule that all gods are forbidden to break unless I break it myself." he said as his anger seemed to flash through his calm appearance. The other gods went silent and continued watching.

    Seamus was the first to hear the battle above their heads. "Edanate are attacking the temple?!" said Seamus in anger.
    "They dare declare war upon yet another god? Drago will never forget this!" said Roland as he revealed a sword at his side. "We must escape! You all know your missions. You must escape and complete them as best as you can." said Roland quickly as he could. John grabbed Martin by the arm while Alistair and Seamus followed close behind. He raced to the exit of the underground hiding space and began moving to the back door of the temple. Then the back door slammed open and three soldiers drew iron swords.
    "Halt where you are Drumists!" the lead one shouted.
    John looked back at them for a moment before an arrow flew over his shoulder and struck the lead man in the chest. He fell with a grunt and his two other men charged forward.
    "Nice shot Seamus! Now let's get these two!" shouted John as he drew his flamberge. Martin was about to move forward with him, but Alistair drew a sword from his side and raced forward. It took only a few seconds, but John slashed open the chest of his enemy while Alistair almost cut his opponent clear in have. The group of four then raced out of the temple into the city.


    A soldier ran towards the captain and stopped quickly. "Sir! A group of Drumists have escaped out the back of the temple! We have men chasing them as we speak!" panted a guard as he tried to catch his breath.
    "Do not let them escape or I will have your head..." replied the captain with annoyance. The soldier ran off quickly, fearing for his life, and the captain turned to the mysterious man next to him. "I think you should help my incompetent men hunt down those Drumists before they escape." said the captain.
    "I will follow them and attack if I see an opening." replied the man before he disappeared into the shadows. The captain puffed away at his pipe and looked up at the clear sky.
    "Strange men those Edanate are..." he whispered to himself.
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    The Chronicles of Ergo Empty Re: The Chronicles of Ergo

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    Oh, comments are welcome since I am trying to get input from multiple areas around the web so I can see what I can do to change things up. Currently Ergo is only an introduction into my larger storyline and the overall story WILL be called The Chronicles of Ergo. The first part may be given a new name.

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    It looks pretty in-depth. I love how you made your own demigods all be benevolent except for one, and said one is being an ass and making himself powerful. That's usually cause for a good read, in my opinion.


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