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    Bio Thread


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    Bio Thread Empty Bio Thread

    Post  Giga on Sun Mar 22, 2009 3:44 pm

    Tama Yoshi: Slightly arrogant green yoshi, bearing a black cape, yellow shoes with little wings which are in fact peguasus shoes, allowing him to run at unreal speeds. He was raised by his father, but his father himself was killed by Palace. He therefore was raised in the evil hands of Palace, until he was saved by his wisdomful uncle Yoster. He also is learning little of the mind power fo Yoster.

    Blink: The pink (I strangely alws picture her light blue...) yoshi. She is a princess of the yoshi kingdom, but doesn't act as such. Being one gives her multiple abilities that are unsuspected. She is also the very attached girlfriend of Tama.

    Yoster: A wisdomful green Yoshi, uncle of Tama. He bears mind power, which he learned during his long life. He has a long beard. He is known by many yoshis from yoshis Island. He even has an island named after him (Yo'ster's island form SMRPG). He also constantly carries a stick, to help him walk or something. Yoster is technically dead. In his earlier adventures, he got killed. Except he kept an active life in yoshi's heaven. Eventually, Tama and co. got in touble and he HAD to leave paradise. Which he did. Strangely, a dead soul whom is not in heaven turns to stone. He did not. Rumors has it that the heaven's king Spiritual Angel wanted him to help Tama for some reasons.

    Demonsul: A human, with a shadowy background. Although he wields the power of the Shadows, he has already 'paid the price' and often shows up to aid the side of good. He has black hair, and wears a black cloak that conceals his entire form. Under the cloak, he wears shadowy armor and during combat he wields a shadowy blade. Although he often has ideas, they often rely on blind luck, and he does have a tendency to get bashed around a lot.

    Palace: He is a dark man, cloaked in dark, with a black cape, with his purple hair covering his right eye. There are also strange golden writings all over his shirt. He is what some calls a "calm master". It's a strange title to define a magician that doesnt use pure strength as offensive. Indeed, his two only main powers are to move objects around and teleport. He himself has some other magical knowledge. He can happen to be evily wise at moments.

    Commander Yoshi: He used to work as the commander of the yoshis in the yoshi paradise. His color... I forgot his color, but I always picture him red/brown. He was a remarcable guy. Evntually, he became old. And in his latest adventures, he lost both eyes in terrible ways. He somehow retrieved one. He no longer works as a military yoshi, but he does still like adventure!

    Spiritual angel: A strange being of incredible and unknown power. He is an angel with green hair and a rarely used sword. In the past, he did horrible things to yoshis. The "gods" then decided to punish him for his foolishness. He now is the king of the heaven of the yoshis. But from then on, anytime a yoshi suffers, he also does. There is no need to say this man has a dark heart. But Yoster has always seen him as a man with potential.

    E.Gadd: (he plays quite a role so I thought I'd mention HIM) In this fanfic, the strange professor acts like a pretty random guy. (yes! This is a random character! Doing randomness with him is ok!) He actually really likes talking about his strange inventions. He used to be addicted to cheese and ice cream, bu we're over that...

    Giga - For his appearance, think Knuckles from the Sonic series, but green instead of red. Also, he's usually wearing a green sweatshirt, and grey pants. His pants pockets reach an alternate dimension where he stores all his crap, like ammo for his bazooka, the bazooka itself, food, a toy mallet, and sometimes he even sleeps there. He's super powerful, and when he's in mortal danger, a pink shield comes up to protect him - think Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. He'll keep to himself a lot, and is usually the one behind any random unnatural occurance, like the meteor shower, but he's not exactly evil. Just bored. He has the ability to slightly manipulate physics, for example to create wind to help him glide, or move stone to his bidding, or give the moon the ability to be lit on fire with no oxygen to sustain said fire. About 5'10" in size, in case you were mistaken.

    Corona - A catgirl, the same age as Giga, and his girlfriend. She's a fire mage, and can do any number of things with fire, including setting whole planets on fire at once, or absorbing fire to heal herself. She's so faithful to Giga that even if her life was saved by someone else, even if the world broke in two, and even if she would lose her own life if she stayed with Giga, she'd stay with him. The same goes for Giga about Corona. Corona is quite playful, and knows how to use just about every type of machinery in existance. Quite the genius herself. Being a mage, she's also quite protective of herself, and knows how to avert mind control - controlling the mind of the one trying to control her. It takes a while for her to cast that spell, though.

    ~From chapter 2~

    Exemplar Templar: A holy knight of a destroyed religious order that worships a golden sphere. He is the last of his order.

    Pyra(Forgotten): Human, female, red hair, long, covering one of her eyes, which are red, wears a red t-shirt and black jeans with flame decal. Wears red fingerless gloves, and black running shoes. Tomboy. Controls the element of fire. She does not have a secondary element. Part of the E-Six. Can perform:
    Flamebolt: Shoots a fireball at someone.
    Blazing Wave: Slams her fist into the ground, causing flames to shoot up in a straight line.
    Burning Force: Creates a fiery shield around her or a target of her choice. Can be used to protect and ally, or damage an enemy.
    Firestorm: Creates a giant dragon made of fire, which flies aroud the area throwing fire everywhere. Ultimate attack.

    Hydro(Forgotten): Human, male, blue, uncombed hair, and blue eyes. Wears a blue t-shirt with a whitish-blue long sleeve underneath. Wears blue jeans. Controls the elements of water. His secondary element is ice. Part of the E-Six. Can perform:
    Aqua Bomb: Throws a bubble that explodes on impact.
    Frost Beam: IMMA FIRIN MAH ICY LAZER! But not THAT strong.
    Winter Wave: Shoots a wave of frost that freezes anyone it comes in contact with.
    Tidal Crash: Shoots a blast of water forward that homes in on the target of his choice. When it makes contact, the water solidifies into a giant ice pillar, that eventually shatters, sending ice shards in all directions. Ultimate attack.

    Pirate Yoshi: A mysterious bandit with a very big criminal record. Has been charged with assault, thievery on many accounts and even kidnapping someone.
    Wears a black leather cape, a black bandit mask and a regular (and rather ratty) pair of jeans.
    He used to be the leader of a group of pirates that terrorized the universe, but all of the members were taken in by interpol except for the Yoshi himself, who is also known for his sneakiness.

    Pirate Yoshi's Mother(Forgotten): The mother of Pirate Yoshi.
    Wears a pink apron, a checkered shirt and an old-looking bonnet thing.
    She's a very good cook.

    Garras(Forgotten): One of the previous members of Pirate Yoshi's band of thieves.
    Wears black and red armour with a helmet that shows only his eyes.
    Is known for his brute strength and defense.

    Kilk(Forgotten): One of the previous members of Pirate Yoshi's band of thieves.
    Wears a red karate outfit and has a katana stashed away somewhere...
    He is a master of the martial arts, particularily the kind that requires extreme focus of the body. He is the man for the job if it requires flips and walking on celing and stuff.

    Kleetos(Forgotten): One of the previous members of Pirate Yoshi's band of thieves.
    Wears a Mage's robe, with a staff possessing powers unknown...
    He is a wielder of magic and can heal or cast attack spells. If he manages to gather enough energy, he can even morph things into other things.

    Yoshi86UP(Forgotten): A white Yoshi with a purple cap on his head. He feels very friendlish and very happy all the time. He usually goes strategic from shooting guns (Whenever he finds one or owns one) and all around of skills. He sometimes goes to find adventures, helping other people and takes his skills to the max in a computer. Also there is a rumor that he has 86 lives.

    Super Bowser Jr(Forgotten): Bowser jr, Son of Bowser, he ran from home, don't upset him, he could reduce you to ashes or punch you to death, even though that is unlikely. He is arrogant and egocentric.

    LinksPetYoshi/LPY: A blue colored yoshi bearing wings, which he uses to fly. He is the son of a orphan, although he has never seen his mother, he has sometimes seen her in his dreams. He is the ruler of a tribe of Yoshis living at the Summit of a Moutain. Just recently did he abandon them to search for his mum.
    His specialties are...
    Flying: He can use his Flying Abilities to send groups of enemys into the sky before burning them with his Fire Breath.
    Shooting Fireballs: He can shoot Fireballs across the Battle field to catch multiple nemys on fire.
    And Evading Attacks: Look above you Idiot.
    He still can't tell the difference between HEROS and VILLIANS, guess it's lucky he chose us... Right? He was apparently looking for his mum when he met up with Tama & the others. And he HATES when people make fun of his size. He is afraid that by abondoning his tribe, he has lost the honor of being the tribe's leader.

    ~From chapter 3~

    Dant: He is a mad alchemist! Mad Alchemist Dant, he is. He often refers as M.A.D.. He is a slightly fat, red suited german-ish looking with a medium bear and fuzzy hair, which both are white. He possess some high-technical orange-lened glasses. He is, as stated above, someone who owns a german-ish accent. Though, its origins are redundant. He tries a lot to learn english, but in the end, he ends up mistaking synonims from both english and other languages, which results in a pretty ugly thing. He also believes in a god named Mizar.

    Gniht: (Thing backwards) Is orinally a big-polygon man-shaped white thing. He is a pretty literrary man, which is paradoxal with the fact that he was created by Dant. He can shape-shift. But, unlike people that you might remember, like, Doopliss or Mimi, he doesn't win any abilities from his shape-shifting, as it's only plastic, in the end. It means, when he turns in a bird, for exemple, he doesn't win the ability to fly.

    ~And so on~

    Grimjack: Grimjack is a poltergeist with the power to possess things. He can possess up to 3 people or objects at a time. He can change his appearance to whatever suits him, but he can't be solid. Grimjack also can create personal illusions (illusions that only one person can see), and together with his shapeshifting powers, he can destroy people's minds. His speech is always in italics, because he communicates telepathically.

    ~description of important areas~

    Yoshi's island: The main and center area of the fanfic (for now at least) Homeland of Tama Yoshi, Blink, Yoster and more.

    Yoshi's heaven: Where lost yoshi souls go, after their death. But there is really some sort of portal or something that connects it to Yoshi's island. It is ruled by Spiritual angel and normally, any souls leaving it will turn to stone. Similar to the overthere I guess.

    The Fire Wastes: A massive plain, once an ice world. After a meteor impact, it turned to a stony realm with rivers of magma. There are charred remains of various habitations here, and the entire landscape is covered in a blanket of dark clouds.

    The Barren Cliffs: An icy-cold crevasse devastated by the impact of the meteor. Magma still flows throughout the low areas, and anyone who falls of the cliffs is certain to meet a horrible, scorching death.

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    Bio Thread Empty Re: Bio Thread

    Post  Palace on Sun Mar 22, 2009 7:59 pm

    Uh, what's about we make this the informatin/BIOS/rules topic? Instead ofcopy pasting the whole text everywhere?

    Does it really hae to be about Tama? What does G stands for? Anyway, I was planning to add the other universe of my characters. There is the Tama side, which is more Nintendo oriented, and the Vinci/Raye side, which are humans in a sci-fi adventure of some sort. But Palace is kind of in the middle of those two world as he is included in both... It's a little confusing.

    EDIT: Oh shit, it's the first time I'm a moderator ever. It's cool I guess. Just had to mention that... :/

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    Character Name 2: Corona
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    Bio Thread Empty Re: Bio Thread

    Post  Giga on Sun Mar 22, 2009 8:32 pm

    It doesn't have to. =p

    And sure, this can be the bio thread. I'll change the title, sticky it, and delete my first post in the thread.

    The G stands for this forum.


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