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    The treasure of the Northern south cave.


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    The treasure of the Northern south cave.

    Post  Palace on Sat Apr 11, 2009 12:07 pm

    Ok, so, well, I have that story I must do in my english class, and, well, I must TECHNICALLY do it IN class, but I'm bored and I don't see the point of not doing it now really.
    So, it has to be a tale of some sort, not too complicated and not too long. So, I already have the ideas, and assuming you're gonna read it, well, discuss.

    In a very peaceful village, surrounded by mountains, there was a man on duty. No one really knew him. All what he did was his job. And a pretty unique job at it. He cutted trees to make them pretty. He was pretty good at it, and that is probably why so many people had faith in him inside of that village. He was named Mr. Cherry.
    His days were lonesome and repetitive. Cut trees, win money, eat, repeat and go to sleep. But he somehow was fascinated by that himself and never ever got bored of this labour.

    Somewhere else in that village, there was an adventurer, who, despite the fact that he had never gone on a real adventurer, was bragging about his supposedly endless skills in getting treasures and fighting mighty beasts. He was named Flint. One day, as the rumor of a mighty dragon guarding a nearby treasure spreaded, Flint immediately started investigating the case.
    Flint stumbled across a wandering peddler which was concerned about him being so much interested in the legend of the dragon. And he claimed that he had a map which pointed the approximate position of a treasure, which probably was that very same chest.

    Happy of his discoveries, Flint told everyone that there was a treasure in the cave. He took out his map and pointed the cave north from the village. Flint said that everyone should go together and get the treasure so they could get a chance on beating the dragon, since there probably was one in the end.
    All of the village got armed and headed towards the northern cave, while Flint was equipping himself with various accessories part useful, part useless. He looked back at the map to make sure he was headed the right direction, and headed to the south. It would appear he was clumsily holding it backwards when showing it to the towns people.

    Mr. Cherry, who didn't move along with everyone else, was cutting one of Flint's trees while whistling casually. Once he had finished, he searched Mr. Flint to get paid, and remembered seeing him heading towards the southern cave.

    To be continued...

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