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    Currently Unnamed

    Post  BloodyToothBrush on Sat Apr 11, 2009 10:10 am

    I made a thread of this in SMWC but i dont think its getting much attention, so i am going to go ahead and post it here too.

    It does not have a name yet, but i have spent a lot of time creating the characters, and their history, as well as the actually stories history. I only have one and a half chapters done, the first chapter is about six pages and everything i got done so far is 8 and a half. I am only going to post a small portion of it right now.

    well here it goes


    I shut the bathroom door behind me and stepped outside, sprite in hand, cane in the other I limped my way to the sideline of the football field. Was I at a football game? No. Of course not. I was at the first powder puff game of the season with a couple of my friends. Seems kind of weird, but honestly who ever goes to a high school powder puff game to actually see the game besides the over joyful parents watching their baby wayby wun down da field. No one. The only reason anyone shows up to these games, and as was mine, was to socialize. And I guess because my good friend Mike wanted to support his girl. I continued to limp my way down the field to where my friends were with my cane. Ah yes, the wonderful pleasure of having to use a cane. Why did this happen? Well to make a long story short a fat guy fell on me, but no one wants to only hear the short version when they hear that the long version has to do with some fat guy landing on poor old Don. Sixth day of school, I was walking downstairs to my bus, at the top of the staircase I could hear two fat kids laughing, carrying on, and arguing about what ever the hell fat people argue about. A couple steps down and one of the fat kids decides to push the other, it just so happens that he lands on me. Now I’m not saying that I’m weak, I’m a junior in school, I’m about 150 pounds but I’m not skinny, I can lift my weight (thinking back on this train of thought I realize that that’s not the most amazing thing you can say.) But what I am saying is that this guy was fat. So he falls into me, I fall some ten, twelve feet and all my weight plus his weight gets forced onto my ankle. Somehow it doesn’t manage to break, but its still “the worst sprain I have ever seen” coming from my doctor. He recommended a cane and I recommended something to numb the damn pain. I was so close from finishing an OK day at school too. I’m about to reach my group of friends isolating ourselves away from the game in the corner end of the school near the field.

    If you want moar, or you want the characters and there histories i can type that up and post it as well Smile

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