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    The Odd Adventures of Pirate Yoshi

    Pirate Yoshi
    Pirate Yoshi

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    The Odd Adventures of Pirate Yoshi

    Post  Pirate Yoshi on Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:13 am


    Pirate Yoshi always has weird things going on in his life, and his mind. He has created hacks based on what he has experienced. These are stories of his odd adventures...

    PY goes to Super Odd World

    Chapter 1

    It was on one fine day, that Pirate Yoshi discovered Super Odd World, a realm full of odd things and creatures. It was the middle of the day when it happened. He was taking a stroll around his neighbourhood, occasionally stopping to talk to his friends and neighbours along the way. PY remarked to himself,

    "Why, what a fine day this is... and it's a Saturday, which makes it even better. The animals are out, the sunlight is warm, and there's an overall good time being had by everyone. It's a bit boring, though, to be honest. I want to go places... I want to discover new things..."

    He continued his stroll, and eventually came to a darker-than-usual place. A robed man was standing a little ways away, eyeing PY cautiously through the small gap between his hood and the part that covers your mouth when you wear a large robe.

    "Come here," he beckoned, "I have something of great importance... Something that would make someone very happy..."

    "Uhh, how do I know I can trust you're not some kind of bad guy?" PY said, wryly.

    "You don't. But what do you care about more?" he asked, "Your own safety or your unsatiable thirst for adventure?"

    "How do you know I like to go on adventures?"

    "Well, why else would you be here? It's a friggin' dark alley no one's visited in about 10 years!" He exclaimed.

    "Well..." PY started, "Okay..."

    PY approached the robed man, who silently gave him an orb. It came with an instruction booklet that said, "Stare into the orb, and imagine. Think about whatever you want to. What you think about will become reality." PY, with his weird mind, began to imagine. He imagined a world filled with oddness, with things not making sense, with things you wouldn't ever see in real life. And so it began...

    Chapter 2

    *coming soon*

    So, what do you think about it so far? All comments are appreciated.

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