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    DowntownIV Piste Station


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    DowntownIV Piste Station

    Post  Demonsul on Thu Apr 02, 2009 12:44 pm

    "We are now departing at Platform 17B at South Gardens Station, thank you for using MagTrans..."

    Demonsul sat quietly on the rough seat. The small carriage juddered as it moved along the suspended piste. The magnetic levitation was supposed to eliminate this, but it never did.

    As the small carriage gained speed, Demonsul calmly held the handle of his blade. Something was wrong. There was shouting below, frenzied and scared. Standing, Demonsul went to the window, and looked down. There was an armored man, chasing down the civilians. Demonsul wondered what he was doing. Then he saw, one of the civilians had fallen, now crouched low in an expanding pool of blood, trying desperately to cover a large gash in their arm, as if their hand could cease the crimson flow.

    Demonsul checked the screen at the front of the car. He was the only person on board this carriage; the piste was quiet today. The screen was clearly visible; it showed the next station to be minutes away. Demonsul went to the window again, and saw a second armored man. He held what appeared to be an energy cannon of some kind, and was attacking a streetlamp with it. With a crash, the streetlamp fell and collided with the fuse box that was attached to the piste's support beam. The fuse box sparked, and all the lights in the carriage went out. It stopped, as the magnetic levitation ceased and it crashed down onto the piste track. The carriage had no driver, MagTrans pistes were run by a dumb AI in their main building. Demonsul knew his carriage had just disappeared off the map.

    Pulling the emergency release, the door on the carriage slid open. No worries, thought Demonsul, it's only another fifty foot drop, you've handled these before, right?

    Demonsul climbed out onto the piste. The smooth metal surface had only two bars, suspended by thin metal sticks at one foot above the shining metal base. The bars would usually support the carriages, but without power they were just obstacles. Walking down the piste track, Demonsul looked over the side again.

    Not a moment too soon.

    Throwing himself forwards, Demonsul evaded the energy bolt that zapped past his head. What were those maniacs doing? they were a danger to everyone in the city! Demonsul cursed the fact he had not taken his rifle with him today.

    Peeking his head over the side again, Demonsul looked down, just in time to see the medieval warriors chased off by law enforcement. However, one of the fleeing knights turned and stuck his electro-blade-thing straight into the face of one of the police officers. As the body fell, the armored man was tackled to the ground by a riot officer and handcuffed while shoved against the floor.

    Demonsul then called to them. They called back, and told him to walk on a bit. The downtown piste station was just round the next corner. They then ran off, in hot pursuit of the maniacs.

    Demonsul set off along the piste. It was six feet between the metal maglev bars, so he was in no danger of falling. Before long, he reached the piste station known as DowntownIV.

    EDITED to comply with what has been said.

    It's all over.
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