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    The main temple

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    The main temple Empty The main temple

    Post  Crystal King on Wed Apr 01, 2009 8:47 pm

    This is the main temple of worship to Sanatos, god of Appoxia. As can be seen, there are many people that worship here. Imelda is the priest of the area, and she is referred to as 'High Priest Imelda'. Today, the knights returned. They gave report of what they saw.
    "YOU FOOLS! Why did you not kill that girl!" She yelled.
    "M-m-m-maam... We would have, but we were intercepted." Studdered a knight.
    "Bah. So, you managed to kill everyone but that girl? Maybe we can still get her."
    "Not likely, she escaped into a house. We expect she already informed whoever is in charge."
    "Dammit dammit DAMMIT! Can't you fools do anything right!" Imelda rubbed her temples.
    "We'll just have to outpower them. With our faith in Sanatos, narry a thing they have can stop us!"
    "You're right, Sanatos's power is strong. I'll report to him." Imelda barked a few orders to a monk, asking him to take over church duty so she could report.

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