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    (a new form of RP)


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    (a new form of RP)

    Post  grishnax on Sat Mar 28, 2009 9:37 am

    I'm pretty unfamiliar with the style of RP that happens here, so I've decided to make a trial thread to see what people will think of this.
    Rules for this type of RP:
    1. You cannot, under any circumstances, control another persons character.
    2. You can only use one character per post.
    3. You must type posts like this (ex. from another site):
    "Zardin stood waiting at a small, abandoned village, hoping someone would come soon. He was standing in the shade of a house made of clay. In fact, the entire village was made out of one giant block of clay. It was as if some divine being had sent a giant blob of clay down to earth, just so people could live in it. There was an oasis near by, and he had lived off the oasis for days. Waiting and waiting for someone to come, Zardin thought back to the time when he had been all to willing to come here..."
    PM me if you still don't get the rules.
    The shadows wavered as a lone figure strode across the cobblestones. He appeared to be wearing a pale blue bed sheet, and looked like he was in a poorly made halloween costume. But if you knew to look under the "sheet", there would be nothing there. He walked into an alleyway, and waited for the strike of midnight. His employer had never been late before, so he doubted that his employer would break the trend now. Finally, his employer came. As usual, his employer was exactly on time. "Why did you send for me, sir?" He asked. His employer said, unhesitatingly, "I need you to retrieve a certain object for me. It is a black box with silver edges, and no apparent openings. You will get the usual reward for finding it." "How long do I have to find it?" "You have one week to retrieve it. Do not fail me." And with that, his employer left. After waiting a few seconds to see if his employer was truly gone, he walked out of the alleyway. That was when someone saw him. "Hey, what are you doing here? Did you miss the costume party?" The man said sneeringly. "I did not miss a costume party, and you had better get out of my way." He said with a monotonic voice. "Or what? You'll turn into a ghost and scare me away? Oh no, I'm so scared!" The man said sarcastically. "Yes, I will do something like that. Now please move out of my way." "Why should I? It's not like you could hurt me, even if you tried!" It seemed true, and the man did look strong, but it did not intimidate him. "Very well, I will have to use fear." He said. Suddenly all the lights on the street went out, and an eerie mist covered the ground. "W-W-What's going on?" The man said, now extremely scared. "Oh nothing, just a little trick with your mind." He said, but he did not look the same. He was now a huge spider, with eyes that seemed to suck in the little light on the street. "Now you will move before I break your mind." The man ran away, yelling, "Monster! Monster! Help me!" As soon as the man was out of sight, he reverted back to his original form. He snickered, and then walked away.


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    Re: (a new form of RP)

    Post  Giga on Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:16 am

    I told you in the IRC. The Endless Fanfic's style is only for the Endless Fanfic. Everything else is based off the rules they set.


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